Who Do You Think You Are?

by capomike72

Where to start? So many things to dump on the unsuspecting blogosphere as the random thoughts demand publication. Most times my need to set mankind straight is inflicted upon the senior management corndogs at my job. Unfortunately, talking to this particular audience leaves my writing skills severely underappreciated since they rarely have the grounds to refute my contentions, or the intellect to challenge them on any grounds. They despise me because according to the rules of their paradigm I can not possibly be smarter than any one of them. More on that to come.

It is recommended to use a self-introduction to do one’s first blog in order to get a feel for how things work. This is as raw as it comes, words on a blank page.  I am human, have a name that I am okay with, a decent job, a couple of great kids, and have had a most fortunate life; not the easiest life, but from what I see everyday at work I know I am truly fortunate. I’m very opinionated and most times my opinion is supported by reality, but reality being the bitch that it is, many times people are offended by my thoughts and opinions, but screw them and their sensibilities! Over the years, brutal honesty has alienated people, not that I care, but age has made me sufficiently wise to realize that I took people too seriously and needed to look at humanity in a more light hearted way.

Since I am not here to socialize I shall leave my self-introduction there for the moment. I am here because many people compliment me on my writing skills, and I need an outlet other than telling my bosses, in a most professional manner that they are idiots. That and erotica can’t seem to satisfy my writing urges. I feel to see why people are impressed with my writing since English is my native tongue, and I would think one should be sufficiently skilled in the language of their native tongue – no? I know most people, including college graduates, especially college graduates, are illiterate idiots, but it still strikes me as odd that people put such little effort in the most essential form of communication.

There’s my first insignificant blog. When I am a world famous blogger or author of raw erotica, this insignificant writing just may sell on Ebay for tens of dollars